Teaching with Technology

What does teaching with technology mean to you?


If you asked me this question years ago, I would be a little scared to answer because even in the college, the Professors did not use too much technology, except for the projector in their powerpoint presentations (sometimes). However, nowadays I cannot imagine my classes without the help of technology. I see it as a helpful tool / resource to help me planning and improving my classes by giving me access to some information I would not have otherwise.

After I started working in a private course that we use the eboard in the classes, my whole world changed. I admit I had some difficulty at the beginning, but with time, I overcame. There is so much I can do in order to provide students with a funny, supportive environment and I have seen results : the students love it.

One point that is worth mentioning is that our traits as teacher cannot be missed, like creativity, critical thinking, the ‘human touch’ etc. Why am I saying this? Because we have to be careful : at the same time that technology helps us, if it is not well-used many teachers can depend only on it and if there is a problem with the lights or similar things that do not enable them to use technology, the lesson may become a disaster.

As a Professor once said to my class in college: be prepared for everything, to teach with technology or if there are problems, without it. But, you cannot stop teaching.

There is an interesting graph below with some information about for what purposes teachers, in general, use technology. I hope you enjoy it!



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